Austin, SF, and Tel Aviv top the list of top tech cities

by Ryan Streeter on March 2, 2015. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Austin, San Francisco and Tel Aviv are the top ranking cities for tech companies, according to a report by international real estate advisor Savills. Proving small cities are big hitters on the global stage.

That’s from Savill’s new global report on the best tech cities.

Here are the top cities:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.31.50 PM

I’ve heard a few comments about this report here in my new hometown, Austin. They are pretty much in the “well, yeah, of course” category.

People in Austin seem to be used ranking on top of this-or-that list, so they don’t really dwell on it. They are just looking for the next thing to do and achieve.

As a new guy in Austin, I find the rankings more interesting than the people I’m bumping into in this-or-that food truck court.

The release on the report also says:

[S]maller cities with their significant creative population offer some things that mega cities just can’t.  City living on a smaller footprint can give residents shorter commute (Savills finds the average commute for tech cities employees is 31 minutes), accessibly by bike, easier to access amenities and a better work/life balance – but with all the buzz of larger urban centres.  Austin has also seen recent population growth, GDP growth, and house price growth – its stand out economic growth rivals the bigger cities and the median average age is only 31 years.

As someone who’s older than the “median average age” and who rides his bike to work, I can affirm that Austin is a special place. People here complain about the traffic all the time, but having lived in Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, and London, I can only say the commute here is still way better than it is in most large global cities.  And access to fantastic food and music per square foot is off the charts compared to the other cities on that chart above.

I haven’t lived in San Francisco, but I’ve spent a summer there. I’d still say “move to Austin” if you had a choice between the two.