California vs. Texas vs….Indiana

by Ryan Streeter on December 23, 2013. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

This is from last Friday’s jobs report:

In November 2013, nonfarm payroll employment increased in 43 states and decreased in 7 states and the District of Columbia. The largest over-the-month increases in employment occurred in California (+44,300), Texas (+28,700), and Indiana (+25,200)…The largest over-the-month percentage increase in employment occurred  in Indiana (+0.9 percent), followed by Nevada (+0.8 percent) and Vermont (+0.7 percent). (emphasis added)

I was involved in a series at AEI’s blog a few years ago comparing Texas and California.  Given that Indiana is my home state, I can’t help but to add the Hoosier state to this mix.

Since the low point point of the recession in July 2009, Indiana has had the 5th fastest rate of private sector job growth nationally, and a few of the states ahead of it have natural resources Indiana doesn’t have (N. Dakota and Texas) or have received government aid Indiana hasn’t gotten (Michigan).

It is against this backdrop one should read this Politico story today about the efforts of Governor Mike Pence’s attempt to recruit more businesses to Indiana.