A different take on aspirational cities

by Ryan Streeter on November 27, 2013. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Tech growth is a good indicator of where entrepreneurs and the capital that follows them want to be. If you had to make a list of the top 25 aspirational cities – those that are leading the nation in tech growth – you might be surprised when you compare it to this list, courtesy of Joel Kotkin in Forbes:

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 7.50.17 AM

Kotkin writes:

Where should we look for future tech growth? Certainly long-term you can’t count out Silicon Valley and its enormous, and uniquely deep reservoir of engineering expertise. Seattle also seems a safe bet, in part due to its lower energy and housing costs, at least compared to San Francisco and the Valley.

But perhaps the biggest trend over time will be dispersion. After the top five on our list come a series of less-celebrated metro areas, including Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Kansas City and Denver. These areas are generally less expensive than the trendier cities, and could attract more tech investment once the current bubble conditions die down.