Wanted: A governing agenda that deals with today’s problems as they are

by Ryan Streeter on August 23, 2013. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Pete Wehner writes:

For Republicans to design an agenda that applies to the conditions of 1980 is as if Ronald Reagan designed his agenda for conditions that existed in the Truman years.

He argues in his latest post that the economic and social problems contributing to our current economic stagnation require a governing agenda different than what elected leaders in Washington are debating. He says:

In the face of America’s deep cultural and structural problems, assembling an agenda–including a comprehensive social-capital agenda that equips Americans, especially poor Americans, with the skills, values and habits that will allow them to succeed in a modern, free society–is a hugely complicated task. It will require a thoroughgoing reform agenda focused on entitlements, education, immigration, our financial system, and our tax code.

He promises to focus future posts on specific agenda ideas.