The red state advantage over blue states on health care costs

by Ryan Streeter on April 10, 2013. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Commenting on this WSJ infographic on health care costs by state, Walter Russell Mead writes:

One general trend is that health care is, on average, cheaper in red states than blue states. For example, Massachusetts and Vermont, states whose health care systems closely resemble that of Obamacare, both show up near the top of the list, while the mostly red states of the South and Mountain West come in near the bottom. There are some exceptions to the trend: California is cheaper than the Dakotas, and Alaska spends more than New York. But the overall pattern is clear.

Data like this points to the benefits of federalism. Allowing states to experiment gives us useful information when it comes to figuring out what is working and what isn’t.

People are already flocking to red states. This data points to health care costs as one more reason to join them.