On Jack Kemp and rebranding

by Ryan Streeter on March 22, 2013. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Rich Lowry on the RNC’s much-discussed “autopsy”:

No “rebranding” will make a difference if Republican policy is not relevant to people’s lives. What the party desperately needs more than different marketing or new consultants are a few Jack Kemps, political entrepreneurs willing to ignore orthodoxies and evangelize for new ideas.

Ed Morrissey follows up:

After the election, I wrote that what the Republican Party needs to expand its appeal isn’t a dramatic shift in policy as much as a concrete, practical set of policies that matter to voters who have historically shunned Republicans.  They have a model to follow — Jack Kemp, who set out to make conservatism practical and meaningful in core urban areas, in order to head off the disasters he knew would come, and which has already arrived in Detroit, for instance…Jack Kemp put his feet on the ground and worked to find solutions that would solve actual concrete problems.