Where the growth is happening: Kotkin on the red corridors

by Ryan Streeter on February 27, 2013. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Take a look at the new study Joel Kotkin published with the Manhattan Institute, on which Joel’s op-ed in today’s WSJ is based.

It’s instructive for those of us in the Midwest, as it shows how competitive the intermountain west, the great plains, the “third coast” down along the Gulf, and the southeast have become.

The Midwest is the most interesting region in the country right now in that it divides itself into those states (like Indiana) that resemble the high-growth states Joel focuses on in his study, on the one hand, and those that resemble the higher-cost, slower growth states in the northeast or on the west coast (e.g., Indiana is #5 on the Chief Executive list Joel cites, while Illinois is #48).

Joel and I, together with Mark Schill, focused on the Midwest in a related way last year here, here, and in this study.