A country of conservative impulses that favors liberal politicians

by Ryan Streeter on November 14, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Despair has led many Republicans to question their earlier confidence that America is a “center-right country.” It is certainly a country that has strong conservative impulses: skepticism of government, respect for religion, concern for the family. What the country does not have is a center-right party that explains how to act on these impulses to improve the national condition. Until it does, it won’t have a center-right political majority either.

That’s Ramesh Ponnuru concluding his latest NR article in which he explains that the 2012 election was catastrophic not because of Mitt Romney, but because of the nature of the GOP itself. I recommend reading the whole thing. He makes a convincing argument that’s a bit different than the standard schtick we’ve been hearing since last week about how the Right needs to move Left.

While I would argue that the 3 impulses he mentions – skepticism of government, respect for religion, and concern for the family – have all been weakening to some degree, I think he’s basically right about them.

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