Identity politics, class warfare and avoiding big issues works…when you don’t have a strong enough alternative

by Ryan Streeter on November 11, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

The NR’s Charlie Cooke, who grew up in Britain, writes about his dismay that the America of aspiration to which he moved seems so dramatically changed in the wake of Obama’s re-election. This passage sums up much of what I’ve been feeling since Tues. night:

[C]onsider this: A president of the United States just ran a reelection campaign based on the promise of government largess, exploitation of class division, the demonization of success, the glorification of identity politics, and the presumption that women are a helpless interest group; and he did so while steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the looming — potentially fatal — crisis that the country faces. And it worked.

What’s worse, it worked because Romney and the machine behind him was too cautious for too long about presenting an alternative vision. It came down to them thinking and hoping they would win because of debate performances and what they thought was going to be a motivated base of voters.