Biden angers Ezzy

by Ryan Streeter on October 12, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

I tweeted this earlier, but yes, I’m not kidding: our Sheltie, Ezzy, was sitting on our sofa minding her own business this morning when Chuck Todd’s show started, and as soon as he cut to a clip of Biden in last night’s debate, Ezzy went nuts. I was working from the home office today so grabbed my phone and took the picture you see here (in retrospect, I should have gone to the side so you could see her snarl, but she was being so noisy I felt like I was capturing it by pointing and clicking).

As soon as Biden came on, she jumped up from the chew toy she had been playing with on the sofa, began growling and then started barking wildly, acting as if someone had broken into the house. Now, Ezzy is a TV-watcher, and every now and then she freaks out, especially when we’re watching a movie in which something explodes. And, with a 14 and 11 year old in our house, lots of movies we watch have scary exploding moments.

But she never barks at talking heads. She has sat calmly through hours of post-debate and post-convention MSNBC panels featuring Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews in dyspeptic meltdown mode, hours upon hours of NFL commentary as Fox and CBS hosts dramatize even the mundane aspects of the game, and she’s never even barked as Bill O’Reilly has cautioned her that she’s entering the no-spin zone.

But when Biden came on the screen today, she had a Chris Matthews moment and went into complete meltdown. After taking the picture you see above, I turned the TV off just to get her to stop for fear she’d begin foaming at the mouth.

As far as we know, Ezzy is nonpartisan. She could care less about taxes and Medicare. She only cares that the mayor keeps her sidewalks paved and her parks green. She loves sports, especially football. I mean, look at her? This dog can’t possibly have any enemies…..right? She’s a Sheltie, for crying out loud. She’s a herd dog. A people dog. Smart, and attracted to people who are kind, well-spoken, and able to behave themselves…

  • Rodger

    I think Biden angered a lot of Republicans. It’s the same anger one feels when his or her team gets handed their butt on the court by a superior opponent. Regardless of whether you support Biden or not, he is a master at debate.

  • Nate Cooper

    First, great to see you in the neighborhood this morning! Second, love the Chris Matthews meltdown reference. Finally, natural instinct knows a stinker when they see one. Absolutely hilarious.

  • Joel V. P.

    It could be that dogs have extreme emotional and spiritual intelligence, not only understanding moods, but spiritual conditions. I have a beagle who can tell if I need to go to confession. Really. I may have a wayward thought and she, like Elizabeth who loved Mary in Matthew, gauges my soulscape with a disturbing precision.

    Biden is a Catholic Smile; all teeth, now depth. Your brilliant Sheltie Ryan didn’t need to read a file on the man, she grasped Biden’s depth chart as the eternal now of “fake archetype.”

    Appoint your dog to a good post in the Romney administration.

    Joel P