“Sclerotic gerontocracy,” our war on the young, and the 2012 race

by Ryan Streeter on October 4, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

There’s nothing new to say about how Mitt Romney completely dominated an at-times disoriented and startled President Obama in last night’s debate, so let’s focus on something else that should matter more once we get through this presidential race.

Daniel Henninger writes in today’s WSJ:

“Sclerotic gerontocracy”? Who might that be? If you’re 30, it’s the brain-dead class in possession of your politics…Whether in Europe or the U.S., the air is filled with cries to solve various debt calamities. Look closely, though, and you’ll notice that virtually any political “solution” on offer to the euro crisis or U.S. debt will essentially force people age zero to 35—jobs or no jobs—to spend their lifetimes paying off the rolled-over debt that bails out the politicians and guarantees benefit flows to the older half of the population, which will escape to worry-free graves before the crisis returns.

Henninger is writing about a new movement in France encouraging young people to flee the country to avoid spending the rest of their lives paying off the unfunded promises of their elders – or the “brain-dead class” that has controlled their politics.

As Henninger says, the same could be said of America, as we are resembling the problems France is dealing with more and more every day.

I was glad to see Mitt Romney strike a tone with more moral gravitas last night. He should talk more about the moral violence we have been exacting on our children through our own version of brain-dead politics – and he might even score some points for using “brain dead” while talking about the issue.

Poll: at which year do you think the U.S. will be ruled by its own sclerotic gerontocracy?