The Washington Post’s gutter politics shows how trouble in the newspaper business encourages lousy reporting

by Ryan Streeter on October 1, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Keith Hennessey writes:

For decades the Washington Post was the paper of record for DC.  Over the past few years POLITICO has supplanted the Post in that role. When the Post’s staff publishes an obviously partisan hit piece with such weak intellectual support less than six weeks before Election Day, they destroy any credibility they have for objectivity or nonpartisan reporting.  That’s a shame.

He’s writing about the Washington Post’s Lori Montgomery’s bizarre hatchet job on Paul Ryan, in which she accuses him of standing on the sidelines during the debt debates in Washington.

Any impartial observer would laugh at the notion that Ryan’s work with Democrats Rivlin and Wyden was somehow sitting on the sidelines, especially when you compare it to President Obama’s utter disregard for bipartisan activity on the debt issue.

It seems that all the trouble in the newspaper business is resulting in once-reliable outlets engaging in the salacious and stupid in an effort to drive sales. We could point to examples in TIME and Newsweek, too. It’s just sad to see the Post run such an obviously ridiculous story. I always enjoyed my subscription to the Post during my years in DC. It’s bias was always clear, but I always loved picking up that paper on my doorstep each morning.

Keith’s post is a great, detailed rebuttal to the Post’s sad reporting in this story. Read the whole thing here.