Bamboo, the timber of the 21st century: buy it, use it, and vote for it here!

by Ryan Streeter on September 29, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

If you care about how enterprise can produce high-quality products, make money, improve sustainability, and alleviate poverty all at the same time, you need to check out EcoPlanet Bamboo.

EcoPlanet Bamboo is currently nominated for a WWF award for the best for-profit enterprise positively impacting tropical forests.

Please cast your vote for them. They were nominated late in the process, so all votes need to be in today.

EcoPlanet Bamboo is run by my favorite entrepreneur, Troy Wiseman. If you ever bought any B.U.M. sportswear (you know, those sweatpants, shorts and camo gear with B.U.M. plastered across your, well, bum), you already know Troy. That was his first venture. He’s gone on to do all kinds of other amazing things. With EcoPlanet, he invests in businesses that bring new life, opportunity, and prosperity to people in some of the world’s poorest places.

Here’s how to vote for EcoPlanet Bamboo for the WWF award (please do…it would be great for the cause):

– Click on this link:  – and register (it takes less than 30 seconds)

– Click on the link in the email you get from ennovent

– Click on the picture of the Toucan on the right hand side of the page that opens

– Vote for Bamboo, the Timber of the 21st Century