Got jobs? Not without dynamism in the economy you don’t (plus cool infographic)

by Ryan Streeter on August 4, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

“No concern about sluggish upward mobility or negative shifts in income distribution can be remedied without growth.”

That’s Carl Schramm writing in the Atlantic here.

In the wake of yet another lousy jobs report, it’s worth reminding ourselves of Schramm’s point. It may seem like stating the obvious, but the only way to get dynamism in the labor market is to get dynamism in the economy.

And the useful infographic that goes along with Schramm’s article, GE’s Working in America, helps paint a picture of how the labor market has changed since 1960. For instance, did you know there were more self-employed than government workers in 1960? I guess I should have, but I did not. Also, since 2000, the only sectors in which we’ve seen job growth are government, health and education. Everything else has pretty much taken a beating.