Strongly Democratic voters trust Romney on the economy, aren’t too happy with Obama

by Ryan Streeter on July 25, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

That’s my takeaway from the new NBC/WSJ poll.

Which is another way of saying you can’t take too much away from this poll.

Here’s how the sample of those polled breaks down:

An accurate picture of likely American voters? No. The sample is clearly skewed to the left of where people will be when it comes time to enter the ballot box come November.

And yet respondents said they trust Romney more on the economy by a margin of 43-36. Obama supporters will surely point to the fact that the President leads on every other issue. That’s not surprising, though, since Romney hasn’t said much about other issues as he’s made himself the economy candidate.

Finally, 32 percent of this leftward-oriented sample has a “very negative” impression of Obama, the highest that number has ever been. It’s five points higher than the June poll. Fewer respondents had a very negative impression of the Tea Party than Obama – now that might worry Team Obama, even if just a bit.

Obama’s crew will undoubtedly tout the good news in the poll, especially the headline that they have a 6-point edge on Romney overall. But underneath the numbers, it’s pretty clear that Obama’s got some big problems with voters that keep this election so close that no one has any idea how it will turn out.