White working class voters turn to the GOP

by Ryan Streeter on June 18, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Jon Haidt has an interesting post on how the white working class is leaving the Democratic Party for the Republican Party.

These two charts and related commentary tell the story:

Both of the non-college groups slope downward, but group 2 (the red line) goes down more steeply. People who have a job but no college degree have been leaving the Democratic Party.  Are they becoming Republicans, or just getting disengaged, as Monbiot suggested (about the British working class)?

They are moving toward the Republican Party. The red line slopes upwards. That first sharp uptick appears to confirm the reality of the “Reagan Democrats.” And, interestingly, the purple line slopes upward too. That’s group 4, people with a job and a college degree. In other words, the Republicans are increasingly becoming the party of people who currently hold jobs. This seems like a dangerous situation for the Democrats.

Haidt’s post is a response to critics of an earlier column he wrote on the working class and politics. Read the whole thing here.