Indiana and other middle American states lead nation in job growth

by Ryan Streeter on May 20, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Indiana created more jobs in April than any other state, including America’s jobs juggernaut, Texas which came in second (Indiana, we Hoosiers might humbly note, has only about one fourth Texas’s population).

And Indiana was second to Texas in manufacturing job creation.

And here’s the other thing. When it comes to the rate of job creation, the real engines of job growth in America are not the places the coastal elites pin their hopes on. Here are the top five:

      1. N.D. – 3.1%
      2. MO – 1.7%
      3. AZ & OK – 1.6%
      4. IN & CO – 1.5%

You can read the whole thing here (pdf).

On the Indiana jobs story, I’m reminded of the Mike Hicks’ study that strongly suggests that Mitch Daniels’ fiscal reforms have created an environment amenable to job growth.