Back from the primaries

by Ryan Streeter on May 10, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

I was submerged in Indiana primary activity for awhile but have resurfaced.

Can’t say it went the way I had hoped.

David McIntosh’s campaign, which I supported and helped out with, was a great example of how difficult it can be to talk about issues in a primary. In a crowded IN-5 field, the media and several of the candidates kept saying that the candidates all held the same views and, ultimately, it just came down to personality and experience. David tried to point out that, if you looked at public statements and involvement in promoting (or not) certain issues, there were real differences.

But no one wanted to talk about that. It was much more fun, apparently, to attack David for having lived in Washington for 6 years, not to mention more exciting to stuff mailboxes with fabrications such as saying he helped a bank get TARP money (we called the accusing campaign and asked which bank they were referencing since no one knew what they were talking about….and they said it was Merrill, which was a client of David’s on a tort issue a full year before TARP existed. The truth is such an inconvenience at times in politics…better just to make stuff up…).

Conservatives lost a rock-solid issues candidate in Indiana on Tuesday. The national focus has been on Mourdock’s victory over Lugar, but those around the country who understand McIntosh’s contribution to the conservative movement (think Federalist Society, deregulation for starters) are sadder about McIntosh than they are excited about Mourdock. McIntosh’s fans are saddened that we won’t have him fighting the good fight in Congress again. With the clock ticking on the deficit and the long-run effects of a broken health care system, it’s better to have more rather than fewer Paul Ryan types in Congress – and it’s always a shame when one of them like David can’t join the fight.