Chart of the day: Obamacare’s $101 billion in tax hikes

by Ryan Streeter on April 30, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

If there’s one thing the Heritage Foundation does consistently well, it’s taking important data and converting it into useful charts (I’ve long maintained that even though Heritage always ranks as Washington’s most ideologically-driven think tank, it’s internal data operation is better than most of the others).

This chart today is especially useful for understanding the various taxes within Obamacare and what type of cost burden they represent over the next ten years

The left continues to argue that these types of increases are irrelevant to business owners and job creation. It’s as if business just motors on, making profits out of the gale force of greed, and it’s government’s job to get as much of it through taxes and fees as is politically possible. Anecdotally, I’m always amazed as the number of small and medium sized business owners I meet who are pretty well-educated about the realities of health care costs and especially Obamacare’s coming tax hikes. They may not be able to articulate each and every way the law will affect them, but they typically have done their homework – and it clearly affects their decision-making about personnel. I’m convinced there are a huge number of potential jobs not getting created because of the uncertainty and anxiety Obamacare has created.

The above chart and others can be found here.