Congress can kill Obama’s contraception mandate…if it has the guts to do so

by Ryan Streeter on February 24, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

David McIntosh has a great post at The Corner on how Congress (if it had the will to do so) could take control of the Obama-contraception-rule debate and kill the mandate in its tracks.

I wish they’d listen to him. David authored the law that gives Congress the authority it needs to overrule the mandate and put Obama on the defensive. David writes:

The Congressional Review Act (CRA), which I authored while serving in Congress, gives legislators 60 days to introduce Resolutions of Disapproval to nullify a rule after it has been published. The Resolutions of Disapproval enjoy expedited procedures and therefore serve as the perfect tool for Congress to move expeditiously to make Team Obama’s unconstitutional rule history. The law allows 30 senators to discharge any committee action and bring it to the Senate floor, where it can be passed with a majority vote after no more than five hours of debate.

The House should utilize the CRA to vote on contraception rule immediately, and the Senate should get busy gathering the 30 signatures.

Full disclosure: I’m helping McIntosh as a volunteer in his bid for the congressional seat in Indiana’s new 5th district.