Jobs and regulations: If you want the former, kill the latter

by Ryan Streeter on January 12, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Any developed society should care about whether and how it obstructs the efforts of the entrepreneurial class, since vocational risk-takers are – when they succeed – our best job creators and growth instigators.

Via Nick Schulz we have this interesting chart compiled from NFIB and Moody’s data:

I’ve long thought that Theodore Lowi’s thesis in the End of Liberalism, which holds that Congress has since the New Deal era consistently abdicated its role as rule-maker to unelected bureaucrats, is one of the more important political analyses of the latter half of the 20th century. Lowi wrote his book long before Obama came to town. Given the combination of Washington’s increasing gridlock and the elite Left’s disregard for democratic processes, it should be no surprise that a leftist President would deal with gridlock by using as much regulatory power as he can.

Anecdotally, owners of small and medium-sized business owners routinely tell me that regulations more than any other factor hinder their ability to grow their businesses. The chart above corroborates those anecdotes.