That anti-Romney mood is nothing compared to the anti-anti-Romney mood

by Ryan Streeter on January 11, 2012. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

Jay Cost’s column today looks at how Mitt Romney fared last night in New Hampshire compared to four years ago. The punchline is that he fared better in general among more upscale, higher-educated Republicans but worse among highly conservative voters.

It was the last chart, though, that summed up where we are in the GOP primary:

These are exit poll numbers from New Hampshire, not the country, but they still tell a fascinating story. More than half of voters said they would be dissatisfied with Gingrich, Paul, or Santorum than Romney. This makes the anti-anti-Romney crowd more interesting than the anti-Romney crowd, in N.H. anyway.

If these figures hold in other states, then the story of 2012 will be how Romney succeeded in being best candidate by being the least dissatisfying.

  • Seven Burke

    Mitt is a perfectly acceptable guy – with no skeletons in his closet. Sometimes, the Republicans baffle me. Like last time around.

    McCain? Are you freakin’ serious? The guy who graduated 3rd from the bottom in his Annapolis class – and was proud of it??

    Get serious, Republicans.

    Romney is a *winner.* Everything he’s been involved in has succeeded.

    And his wife ain’t a B**tch 🙂