Turns out the 1% look kind of like the 99%

by Ryan Streeter on December 5, 2011. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

When it comes to political ideology, anyway. Gallup’s headline on today’s poll states that the top 1% of Americans are slightly more Republican, but not more conservative. Actually, even though it’s within the margin of error, we could flip it and say the 1% is slightly less conservative.

What’s perhaps most interesting is that just one in five Americans considers him or herself a liberal – whether you’re really rich or not. In general this isn’t too surprising since Americans have long resisted identifying themselves as liberal, but if you’re a class warrior, you’d be expecting that 1% number to be a lot lower.

What these numbers don’t reflect is the effect of the Obama Democrats on respondents’ answers. It would be more useful to see these numbers laid against pre-election figures in 2008. It’s no secret that the Wall Street crowd is abandoning Obama for Republicans right now because Obama and his compatriots in Congress like to make sport of demonizing the super-rich, however much they coddle them in private, and propose ways to tax and regulate them more for their sins. Eventually, that starts to turn people against you, however much you give them love at one of those Manhattan cocktail parties…